In 1965, at the  Astronomy Study Room of the Palace was opened a planetarium, which for over 50 years, has hosted  to a large number of students. It is unique  in the entire territory of Georgia.

In the planetarium, in which the appliance is installed by German company "Carl Zeiss",  in the course of the year systematically has been conducting  educational lectures for the pupils of public and private schools.

The device of the planetarium gives the opportunity to see the star-studded night sky and observe the daily and annual motion of the planets and stars. We can imagine how these movements occur for people who are on the poles, at the equator, in middle latitudes. In the planetarium of the Palace we can see such celestial phenomena as the Aurora Borealis, solar and lunar eclipses, and with the help of coloured slides we will see the panorama of  the Venus, the Moon and the Earth, and clearly able to imagine the physical nature of celestial bodies.

Lectures held in the planetarium can help students to learn better  learned  material on astronomy, physics, geography and nature study. The planetarium also helps them to have a complete understanding of astronomy as a science, about our world, about its structure, creation and evolution.

To the cabinet  of astronomy since its founding huge  support was provided by the Director of the Astro-physical Observatory, academician Evgeny Kharadze.

The office has trained many successful leaders.