Theatrical Workshop

Our Dear Children,

Fiction and Drama Reading circles of the Palace's Theatrical Workshop welcomes you!

You may wonder - what you would do here and how you would get engaged! In the first place, you will refine your speech, learn and love Georgian literature, your fantasy will become boundless, you will have an opportunity to meet prominent figures of art, authors, poets, actors. You will be welcomed at many theaters and museums, go sightseeing and visit many monuments. Those who will be enough studious and will have a gift, will become members of poetry, puppet, or drama circles. To be successful in any sphere, in any field, it is necessary to form the proper speech culture and diction. It embraces not only speech, but covers even more  - psycho-physical stance of the human being and is connected with the thinking system. Everything comes from the mind and a child gets accustomed to the right, logical thinking and his/her voice is getting molded, tone, emotion. A child gets freed from any complex and it is easier to realize the text. Without high culture of speech, it is impossible to be a professional actor, journalist, lawyer, politician, teacher, anyone, who is a member of the society. Therefore, to make the integration process even easier it is obligatory to get a child accustomed to the proper speech culture from the early age and therefore we urge you to bring your kid to our circle. Dear parents, give the proper direction to your kids growth and the door of our circle is open for you!

For the detailed information, please visit us at the palace, Room # 95, phone 293 26 84.