From 1959 on by the invitation of the former director of the Palace Shalve Berianidze the young journalist Gulbat Abelishvili started to work in the Palace, who laid the foundation to children’s film studio “Pionerfilmi”. The first film was titled “We are the Friends”.

Numerous generations have attended this studio. Today in Georgian television companies, radio stations, film studios there are lots of pioneering films.

The films produced in the studio have got prizes in international festivals.

The studio is an organizer of the film festival “Tbilisuri Aisi” in which the delegations from numerous countries took part. It can be said that such scale event in the Palace has not been conducted in the palace yet. The studio has the base which along with the development of digital and video technique requires permanent renewal.

Several years ago the photo club “Skhivi” joined the club (the teacher Yuri Lukashvili) where the children master the photographic art, participate in various exhibitions and photographic competition.