Pioneer Film, Why Children Are Happy to come to Pioneer Film (Pionerfilm)

55 Years ago the first amateur movie-makers studio was established and named as Pionerfim and the first movie they made was We Are pals.

How do they make movies in the studio? Once a child raises a hand says: I want to make a movie! Some opinions emerged, children named different scenes and episodes and made up a group of movie-makers. One of them was a camera-man, another – a director or an actor, light-man, etc. Children chose a spot and then all procedures came along: dubbing, titles, music and finally a movie was made and then they named the movie: “Everyone Wants Love” and this movie won many medals and prized in different cinema festivals. Cinematography is a synthesis art and the teachers of the studio invite opera-singers and artists, representatives of different walks of art. Children of the Pionerfilm often visit theaters and exhibitions and they invite famous directors, actors and camera-men. They also participate in different activities, help other study-rooms to arrange and hold their own events and movie-making. They go to different regions of Georgia and present their works and make movie with local youngsters. Little amateurs participate in tournaments and competitions and become winners.



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